Arcade 2 Roller Shutter

ARCADE 2 Aluminium Roller Shutter is perfect for applications in retail, hospitality, tourism, education, car parking, arcades or sporting complexes. It offers exceptional protection and security, is easy to operate,  and requires minimal maintenance.
The ARCADE 2 can be manually operated or motorised and features a large range of options. The extended aluminium slats are bevelled, and available in part or full slotted, with or without dust proof infills that assist in airflow and visibility. Available with aluminium slats in varying sizes from 195mm x 75mm up to 575mm x 75mm.
A locking system can be fitted to all doors and is centrally mounted within the bottom rail.
The Arcade 2 is suitable for openings up to 8 metres wide x 4 metres high, and available in standard matt natural anodised or Polyester Powdercoated colours as an option.

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