From May 2013, the National Construction Code features mandatory wind requirements for all new constructions in regions C & D. This update means that the wind code is now applied to garage doors and large access doors. To comply with the revised standards, garage doors are required to be cyclonically tested.

Garage doors are often damaged during high winds and cyclones, which can lead to disastrous damage to  the building and contents inside the door. To reduce the risk of such an event it is recommended that you install a garage door that is adequately wind rated.
The Windpanel looks like a normal sectional door, however it has been re-engineered to deliver additional strength, and incorporate the high strength aluminium bracing system to withstand wind speeds of up to 317km/hr.

Featuring the new Tracklock system, it delivers brace-free protection against high winds for single opening doors up to 3100mm wide in Region C.
For doors above 3100mm wide, the B&D Windpanel incorporates a removable high strength aluminium bracing system which is secured when a cyclone is imminent. Installation process takes under 5 minutes per brace and only requires a screwdriver. Once cyclone passes, the braces are removed.

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